To have a pleasant cycling trip, we need to guarantee the fundamental facilities such as good bikes that are pleasant and easy to ride. With the spirit of green traveling, we select the premium local bikes made by Thong Nhat – the most popular bike producer in Vietnam to be with you to explore the original Hanoi corners which tourists hardly experience by bus or car. Our experienced and enthusiastic local Hanoi-an cycling guides will instruct you about how to use the bikes and how to navigate easily and safely through traffic in Hanoi. Join us and enjoy this unique cycling trip.

Normally, as we meet in our office – 20 Hang Muoi Street, Hoan Kiem District, Hanoi – our guide will start a brief introduction on use and safety during your trip such as how to use our bike effectively, how to adjust the seat up to your height and especially on how to deal with a lot of difficult situations on the bustling streets in Hanoi. For example, you should always be alert of your surroundings when you cross the road or direction and it is best to wave your hand as you cross or change direction to give the right signals to drivers and others on the road.

See below the bikes bikes you are going to use during the trip.