Itinerary: Hanoi – City Highlights – Red River Delta

Morning tour from 8am till 12pm – Afternoon tour from 1.30pm am till 5.30pm

We meet up at our office at 20 Hang Muoi Street and after a brief introduction of the trip and safety instructions on how to navigate safely through Hanoi on a bicycle, we set off towards St. Jospeh’s Cathedral, the famous Train Street and Street Murals, along the Train Street.

On this cycling tour we furthermore take you through the most interesting parts and markets of the Old Quarter and move on towards the Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum area where we will take narrow-car-free-alleys to hidden backyards so you can get a real feel of how life has been here for centuries.

We cycle along beautiful tree-lined streets and take in the fresh air around the West Lake area, Tran Quoc Pagoda and Truc Bach Lake. To experience how tranquil and peaceful it is just 5-minutes from the buzzing Old Quarter of Hanoi when we cycle on narrow roads through impressive banana plantations and vegetable gardens that cover the fertile grounds of the Red River Delta. The noisy city suddenly seems very far away…

We finish the trip while cycling back through the Old Quarter to see the famous Hanoi Train Street. This will for sure be a trip you’ll treasure for a long time!

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Get Up and Go Vietnam is doing all possible to make your journey and travel experience an unforgettable one. Weather conditions, we unfortunately cannot control, our apology for that!